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Crown Pro Series

Crown Pro Series

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Bristle Profile: High grade Kolinsky Sable hair, Easy to clean and maintain with proper care, Incredibly soft yet springy enough to maintain shape and structure throughout countless uses, Natural hair easily picks up large amounts of powder!Product Options Available are as follows: Option - Crease Detail Brush - C528 Option - Curved Contour Brush - C520 Option - Lush Pointed Powder/Contour Brush- C531 Option - Lush Pointed Powder/Contour Brush- C531 Option - Lush Blush Brush- C519 Option - Precision Dome Blender Brush- C517 Option - Flat Contour Brush - C521 Option - Sculpting Crease Brush - C512 Option - Highlight Contour Brush- C522 Option - Angled Bronzer Brush- C504 crw01-c529 Option - Mini Flat Contour Brush- C523 Option - Angle Bleander Brush- C508 Option - Pointed Powder Contour Brush- C499 Option - Lush Powder Brush- C518 Option - Duo Fiber Round Blender Brush- C502 Option - Detail Powder Contour Brush- C530 Option - Pro Feather Powder - C501 Option - Oval Brush - C510 Option - Pro Blending Fluff - C511 Option - Pro Angle Contour Buffer - C505 Option - Pro Precision Crease - C515 Option - Pro Dome Crease - C526 Option - Pro Detail Liner - C514 Option - Pro Detail Concealer - C509 Option - Pro Pointed Smudger - C527 Option - Pro Detail Crease - C513 Option - Pro Angled Contour - C532 Option - Pro Blender - C533 Option - Pro Jumbo Shadow - C506 Option - Pro Powder Shadow - C507 Option - Pro Round Blender - C525 Option - Pro Flat Powder - C500